Training Week: 04/03/17 – 04/09/17

04/03/2017 – 04/09/2017
I have yet to finish a full 6 month 100 mile training cycle without something not going right. The first time I trained for Mohican I had a stress fracture in my left 5th metatarsal that I failed to believe for a few weeks before I literally couldn’t walk anymore. The second time I trained for Kettle Moraine I battled plantar fasciitis which sidelined me for a few weeks. This time I’ve made it just over halfway through my training cycle without any major setback. I even hit all my planned mileage last week, but this week I have a fairly persistent cough which won’t go away. While not a major setback, it is only two and three weeks away from my last two races, Yakima and Tillamook, before Bighorn…

Oh yeah, speaking of this year’s 100 mile race (but then again aren’t I always?), there’s only a 10 weeks (TEN WEEKS!) left until Bighorn 100. So yeah, that’s close. And I’m officially nervous and anxious.

Questions to you:
• Have you had a setback during a training cycle? How long did you heal?
• Do you use races as races only or as supported long training races?
• Do you get anxious or nervous before a race?

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Capitol Hill
6m, 0:52, 600′ and 2:30 Bouldering
Found a little extra time and tried to bank some miles in while the weather was actually nice out thinking I may not have the luxury of actual honest to goodness SUN! At the bouldering gym I always try to stay away from the crowds. Where newly set walls attract what seems like everyone, I find myself turning my back to work on older projects that I know are going to be taken down before I have a chance to come back to send them.

Wednesday – Capitol Hill
13m, 2:00, 800′
Nate coaxed me out of my office chair all too easily with the tease of a midweek long run. We took the long way around from my place to his place then I high tailed it back straight shot back home. I started to get the feeling the day or two before the day or two before you’re about to get sick, which if my math hasn’t failed me puts that day around Saturday or Sunday of this week. Hold that thought.

Thursday – Missed run.
Yeah, I missed my planned 4 mile run maybe because I didn’t feel so great and maybe because it was disgusting outside.

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Cougar Mountain
12m,2:52, 2400′
My planned 28 mile run was shorted into the longest 12 mile run. Mike and Nate waited for me at every split in the trail while I huffed and puffed and pretty much fell down the entire way, hacking and coughing to the verge of throwing up, my eyes watering from the pain. I am sick.

Sunday – Missed run.
Like I said, I’m sick so the 14 mile run turned into sleeping in and holding out for day where I can actually breathe.

Weekly running miles: 30.0
Weekly running time: 5:44
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:
• Yakima 50k: 2 weeks
• Tillamook Burn 50m: 3 weeks
• Bighorn 100m: 10 weeks

Regardless of the whole Bertha thing, it’ll be nice to see the Seattle skyline without a two story highway.
Cherry blossoms and leaves are edible and both are used as food ingredients in Japan, usually pickled in salt.
A reminder of a seminal portion in an earlier chapter of my life.
The wake.

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