Training Week: 04/10/17 – 04/16/17

04/10/2017 – 04/16/2017
Still battling the remaining little bit of whatever I had last week, I couldn’t decide on whether I should switch up the training schedule or just stay on schedule. Turns out I’m apparently just making this whole thing up every week as I go along regardless of what I planned four months ago. Time is fast closing on the remaining of the two training blocks and I need to log some serious quality miles in the next month and half.

Speaking of, I have two more races in the next two weeks which I’m using as long supported training runs. Coming up next week, I have a just a little three year old chip on my shoulder and a bone to pick on my return for revenge at the Yakima 50k. (Oh you haven’t seen this yet. Yeah, not my finest moment.) I’ll tackle that first before I focus on the week after that, which is Tillamook 50 miler in western Oregon. Still officially a little bit nervous and anxious.

Questions to you:
• If you miss a training week, do you just skip it or try to make it up?
• What’s the longest training plan you’ve ever planned? Completed?
• Do you have a chip on your shoulder race that you plan to try again?

Monday – Capitol Hill
5m, 0:53, 300′
There was so much green on this run. Everything is in bloom, the flowers, the grass, the trees, the urge to not run in the rain. For one run in what seems like forever, everything was perfect.

Tuesday – Capitol Hill
2m, 0:14, 300′ and 3:00 Bouldering
A direct-ish run from work to the bouldering gym. Been back bouldering in the gym regularly again for about a year and a half now and I’m just now pushing up to that next plateau. Could be attitude, could be confidence, or could be I’m actually possibly getting better. Jury’s still out.

Wednesday – Lake Union / University of Washington
14m, 2:05, 600′
Met up with Mike for a dry 12 mile run, which turned into a 14 mile run which ended with a downpour for the last 3 miles. Never a dry moment. We did a bigger Lake Union loop with a detour up Ravenna and back through the UW campus.

Thursday – Rest
Still vaguely battling this respiratory thing. It’s stuck in my throat and can’t decide on whether it wants to go down to my chest or up to my sinuses. At this point I don’t care which way it goes, I just need it to pick a direction so I an treat it accordingly.

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Tiger Mountain
18m, 3:47, 3500′
So I’ve said it before and I say it every time I go running with Mike, but he’s fast, and I’m not. Thankfully I’m stubborn. Every run with him seems to turn into a speed or interval workout for me. Showed Mike around the south side of Tiger Mountain which is usually prime territory for mountain bikers. The Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance have done an amazing job building trails which are of course perfect for mountain bikers, but just so happen to also be fantastic for running. The uphill and downhill grades are not so steep that they’re unrunnable and there is just enough rocks where you can’t zone out and you have to stay focused with eyes on the ground. I zoned out four too many times apparently on this run, rolling my ankle (the same one) three times and nailing a direct face/shoulder plant luckily into the only muddy non-rocky part of a trail within sight.

Sunday – Missed run.
It’s Easter. I pigged out on ham. No one squeeled. Then I sat on the couch and watched two movies, The Imitation Game and The Hunger Games, MockingJay Part 1. It was a good way to end a surprisingly busy weekend even though the two movies made me feel I haven’t done quite enough with my life yet for my age. They indirectly won WWII and survived being hunted to the death by their peers. What have I done? Well, just in one week I overate twice, rolled my ankle three times, stayed up until 2am playing Settlers of Cattan, and took a nap on the couch. Wait, no, what am I thinking, uh yeah, of course I am pretty much on par and where I should be for my age.

Weekly running miles: 39.2
Weekly running time: 6:58
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:
• Yakima 50k: 1 week(!)
• Tillamook Burn 50m: 2 weeks
• Bighorn 100m: 9 weeks

If you were to get a tatoo of moss, what would it look like?
Rainbows for Capitol Hill.
A familiar Tiger Mountain scene.
There’s no market like the Pike Place Public Market.
The view from home sweet home.

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