Training Week: 04/17/17 – 04/23/17

04/17/2017 – 04/23/2017
Hardly a good week of running if I look back at purely the accumulated stats, it was a great week if I think about how this plays into the bigger picture. Unlike last week when I was finishing off the listing remainder of whatever that respiratory thing was, this week I felt just fine and dandy albeit a bit nervous for the weekend race. But unlike three years ago, there were no shenanigans and no (amazing) footage of my demise. Nope. Not this year. This year I rocked the Yakima Skyline Rim 50k! Ok, maybe I didn’t rock it, but I didn’t end up on the ground under an emergency blanket and I even managed to make it the entire 50k all on my own, under my own power, without any cramping(!), and with a smile on my face. What a difference three years of collective experience makes.

Next week is the Tillamook Burn 50 miler in Oregon and I’ll tackle it with reservation and respect for the distance and elevation (just like I did for Yakima). 8 weeks until Bighorn 100 miler and 4 more big training weeks until it’s taper time.

Questions to you:
• Have you ever run a race more than once?
• What’s a good week of training look like for you?
• Have you ever made a video race report? Share it in the comments!

Monday – Downtown
1m, 0:12, 100′ and 1m, 0:12, 200′
Mike, Nate, Noah and I met up to make sure we had everything all figured out with logistics for Yakima. Nate and I ran to Buckley’s and I ran home afterwards. Two cars. Five people. Two coolers. Four tents. Five sleeping bags. Three camp stoves. Two cases of suds. Five pairs of running shoes. A weekend of fun and run. The only thing we didn’t figure out was how to make Friday afternoon come quicker.

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday 12 mile run
Sometimes I just don’t feel like running. Probably for the best considering the upcoming 50k. Guess I’ll just call this a taper?

Thursday – Downtown and SBP
1.5m, 0:13, 300′ and 2:00 Bouldering
Found a bit of time to run to the climbing gym and Travis and I put in an afternoon session. Less people is good, because I find myself avoiding the crowds, but it’s also a different vibe in the afternoon with less collective energy, so I guess I’m not entirely sure which one I like more, more people or less people. Also found myself resting less and trying to climb more and burning out faster.

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Yakima Skyline Rim 50k
31m, 7:54, 9300′
Happy to finish this little ‘revenge/chip on my shoulder’ (re)run! My unfinished business is finished! (see my 2014 DNF) It was just as amazingly brutal as I remember and this time I even got to complete all 9,500 feet of vert all by myself, instead of having to be driven back down to the finish line. Was not my fastest race, was not my best executed race and was not a race I’m extremely proud of, but I survived (without cramping!) and am almost more just relieved to never “have to” come back to run this race (although I’m guessing I will because with those views how can you not?!) I started the race cautious, slow and deliberate, I paused at aid stations for longer amounts of time than I ever do, I said a simple little two word sentence when I passed by the spot which finally brought my downfall in 2014, I let myself believe just a little bit when I made the final turn for the last 2 miles of 2,100′ of downhill and when I crossed the finish line I flashed a heartfelt smile and got my long overdue finisher’s high five from the race director. I am satisfied and grateful to be able to have the opportunity to run.

Sunday – Yakima
2m, 1:07, 800′
More of a shakeout hike, Kate and I took the direct route up the most obvious trail from the Umtanum Creek Recreational Area while Mike and Nate were out running the Yakima 25k. It’s steeper than it looks which isn’t a problem going up, but was prime butt slide material on the way down.

Weekly running miles: 37.9
Weekly running time: 9:38
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:
Yakima 50k: (Finished!)
• Tillamook Burn 50m: 1 week(!)
• Bighorn 100m: 8 weeks

Smiles come easy on the first downhill of the Yakima 50k. (PC: Noah Goldsmith)
My favorite ridge at the Yakima 50k. (PC: Noah Goldsmith)
Dinner is served.
What does up, must go down (4 times).
The final climb (before the 6 false summits) of Yakima 50k.
Clouds as far as the eye can see.
The final(!) downhill of the Yakima Skyline Rim 50k.
Cotton Candy.
Yakima 25k start.
Balsamroot flower in Yakima Canyon.
Kate, me and my great friends!

3 thoughts on “Training Week: 04/17/17 – 04/23/17

  1. A good week for me includes this… A fast run!! This is a good reminder or tough I can be!! Next a long run, and of course I need a trail run with a big climb and last but not least a fun run with my curious beagles, Buk and Buddy!!! They love to run and make me smile :) I like my mileage between 40-65 miles, I l feel good with those number :)

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    1. Dog runs are both gratifying and frustrating for me if only because our two cairn terriers, Tucker and Valor, have such short legs. After they tire out after only a few miles, it’s their mission to stop at every bush and pole.

      65 miles currently is toward the upper end of feel good mileage numbers for me. After a few weeks above that and I find I’m running out of time in the evening to do anything else.


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