Training Week: 04/24/17 – 04/30/17

04/24/2017 – 04/30/2017
The rule of thumb is not to increase your weekly mileage by anywhere from a max of 10% to 20% depending on what website you look at. Well, screw those rules. Last week I didn’t run much mileage wise, but I ran hard for one monster day. This week I doubled my mileage. Whoops. Although I actually felt better at the end of the week! Honestly though more than anything it probably had mostly to do with the terrain, the effort, and my perceived confidence after last week’s success.

Tillamook Burn 50 miler in Oregon was this weekend and I finished my second race in as many weekends. This was a positive, confidence building, key part of the end of the fourth of five training blocks. I’m nearing the crest of the hill (mountain?) and with only three more big training weeks I can smell the hay being cut and starting to dry. I am cautiously optimistic. 7 weeks until Bighorn 100.

Questions to you:
• What’s the farthest you’ve ever travelled for a race?
• At what point in your training cycle do you see the other side of the fence?
• Running is as much a mental state as a physical state. How do your emotions affect your perceived running effort? How about your actual effort?

Monday – Rest
Two days after a long hard run is always the peak of my delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This is day 2 and the DOMS didn’t disappoint.

Tuesday – Downtown and Seattle Bouldering Project
4m, 0:35, 700′ and 2:30 Bouldering
Not quite to the point of “running” errands, but I do use running as a form of transportation. Most of the time it’s only from home to SBP or from work to SBP, but sometimes it’s to meet up with friends for dinner or drinks. Most of the time though it’s really just my daily walk commute to and from work/home.

Wednesday – Capitol Hill
5m, 0:58, 300′
An early evening work event made me flip my run with Thursday, so Kate, Valor and I cruised the CH 5 mile loop.

Thursday – Georgetown and Beacon Hill
11m, 1:47, 1400′
Legs still fatigued, Mark and I left downtown and ran toward his place at an aerobically easy conversational pace, but mostly because my legs wouldn’t physically let me go any faster. We ran through streets I’ve never been on before and in neighborhoods which seem awfully far away from home. We ran past parks I played soccer at many years ago and I remembered bits and pieces of my past life which would have never believed what I do now which is run, many miles, sometimes (often times) many many miles. For fun even. Who am I even really?

Friday – Travel Day to Hillsboro.
Why is Oregon so far away? Because traffic. And I was part of the problem.

Saturday – Tillamook Burn 50 miler. Tillamook State Forest, Oregon
50m, 10:08, 8100′
On tired legs, we started at 6am tiptoeing, hopping, skipping, and jumping across more streams than I can count, traipsing through the rebirth of The Burn, meandering to the base of several waterfalls for mandatory runfies, skirting around the edges of deep rollicking valleys carved through years of erosion, rolling through endless sublime picturesque mossy Pacific Northwest singletrack and after 9,000 feet of vert I finally found my legs and steamrolled the last 4 miles of downhill to the finish line of my 7th 50 miler!

Sunday – Forest Park, Portland, Oregon
8m, 1:29, 600′
A crux back to back run in the larger training schedule was made easier running on new trails while exploring a new park in the sunshine and (finally) wearing short sleeves. (Short sleeves!) The Wildwood Trail is fantastically even keeled and perfect for creaky knees (or people who have run 50 miles the day before). I looped down the fire access road to the Leif Erikson Road, up the Alder trail, back to Wildwood and ending on the short climb up to the Birch trailhead and back to my car. A good way to end a great weekend of running.

Weekly running miles: 75.5
Weekly running time: 14:57
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:
Tillamook Burn 50m: (Finished!)
• Bighorn 100m: 7 weeks

First light in the Tillamook State Forest.
Fitting there’s wood burning at the Tillamook Burn run.
Tillamook Burn 50 miler, bib 211

Mandatory runfie at University Falls.
Tillamook State Forest.
Forest Park, Portland, Oregon
The Wildwood Trail. Forest Park, Portland, Oregon

3 thoughts on “Training Week: 04/24/17 – 04/30/17

  1. The farthest I have traveled… well I am going to run the Missoula Montana marathon in July. That’s about 10 hours away from my house, and I am running the Elkhorn Crest 53 miler in Eastern Oregon In August and that is a 7 hour drive. Sometimes I get a little teary eyed on my training runs, I imagine myself crossing the finish line and feeling accomplished. I imagine all my hard work paying off and winning, setting that PR I pushed so hard for, all the early mornings, all the blisters, sweat and blood. My emotions and mental state make me run faster!! I realize now more than ever that if I set my mid to something I can do it!! If I can dream it I can do it, the sky is the limit!!! I can do anything!!

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    1. I love a good run-cation although the planning logistics sometimes are harder than the actual race itself! Agreed, the journey is as much mental as it is a physical endeavor.


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