Training Week: 05/15/17 – 05/21/17

05/15/2017 – 05/21/2017
On a last minute whim, I decided I couldn’t miss out on all the fun for the weekend, what with Kate volunteering and Mike running the Sun Mountain 50k so I joined in. Unlike last week when all I had planned was just long training runs, this week I added a three hour volunteer shift and a race that I didn’t really race, but kind of did (because how can you not?) I kept to the two a day training runs again this week although more by necessity than by design.

I can see the end of my training for Bighorn 100. It’s not this hill and it’s not the next hill, but it’s right over there and I can see it. It’ll be here before I know it. When it arrives, I’ll be ready to Buckeye up.

Questions to you:
• What is your favorite task when you volunteer at races?
• Have you ever signed up for a race the day of? What was the distance?
• What’s your local running store?

Monday – Rest
Yes please.

Tuesday – Treadmill
4m, 0:33, 0′? and 0.5m, 0:10, 0′
I left work late, then procrastinated and finally it was late and I didn’t much care for going outside to run. Opting for the treadmill I pulled up the random program and upped the incline and thought it would be easier than running outside. I was wrong. The treadmill is hard and draining, not physically but mentally. I’m really working on my mental game.

Wednesday – Magnolia, Discovery Park, Seven Hills and Ship Canal Trail
10.5m, 1:35, 1000′ and 5m, 0:42, 1000′
Another jaunt from work along the waterfront trail around a loop around Discovery Park, I tried in vain to meet up with friends, but to no avail. Not even my phone wanted to come along as it died mid run. I stopped by Seven Hills Running Shop to recharge, no doubt interrupting Glenn Tachiyama’s 30 minutes between when the shop is officially closed and the group run starts (sorry Glenn, but thank you for letting me in). With enough power to make it home, I left before the 7:30 Team7Hills Disco Group Run and found myself calling it quits at Whole Foods. Also, my iPhone is terrible at tracking vert. Either that or I jump really high with every step I take.

Thursday – Capitol Hill
8m, 1:12, 600′
Sometimes 8 miles is just 8 miles and nothing more. Five years ago that was something I never even thought could be an actual thing I would seriously type.

Friday – Mazama
1.5m, 0:16, 300′
After sitting in Mike’s car for 5 hours, it was time for a short little shake out run. Time for bed and an early morning the next day.

Saturday – Sun Mountain 50k and Methow Valley Community Trail
31m, 6:09, 5100′ and 6.5m, 1:13, 500′
True to form, the race was drenched in sun and went up a mountain. Flanked continuously with Methow’s “sunflowers” and silky purple lupines, we basked in epic valley views anchored by snow capped mountains while running on sublime fast singletrack. In between the sensory overload my mind struggled to remember this was actually a race until the obligatory classic end of race @RainshadowRunning long steep climb of exposed Patterson Mountain. From the top, we turned for one last panoramic vista and firing on all cylinders, gravity prevailed and I bounded down to the finish to collect the coveted race director congratulatory high five.

After imbibing on local craft cold tasty suds and wood fired pizza, I did the math between the mileage I had planned for the next day, the time I had already committed to volunteering for the Sun Mountain 25k and the remaining time I would have left in the day and decided it was best that I go out and knock out some of the miles before dinner so I’d be able to stick to my plan. It was still hot out and the miles I thought I was burning were a full actual 3 minutes a mile slower and I was dead pooped at the end of the day.

Sunday – Spokane Gulch, Mazama
15.5m, 3:11, 2100′
Mike and I explored new trails, switchbacking straight up the ‘locals’ trail for the picturesque panoramic aerial view down the valley before meandering back down to the valley floor by Phun Rock. The obligatory road side run back to the Mazama General Store to refill on liquids, we completed the MVCT loop and finished just in time to say thank you and goodbye to Ken and Debbie for hosting us for the weekend. A great end to the week.

Weekly running miles: 82.3
Weekly running time: 14:58
Weekly running vertical gain:

Event Countdown:
• Bighorn 100m: 4 weeks

Whitehorse Mountain in the Boulder River Wilderness.
The glorious Methow Valley
Methow Valley “sunflower’s” (actually balsamroots) were out in full force for the Sun Mountain 50k.
Patterson Mountain.
Spokane Gulch trail above Mazama.

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