Training – 12 Miles in Capitol Hill

Saturday’s long slow distance run was my first real long run of the year. Actually it was my longest long run of the year so far. A cool pleasant evening in the city, a chance to just talk and run, and a few cool down laps with the dogs made for a great foray back into the training cycle. I keep hearing about this extreme cold spell overtaking the country, but here in the Pacific Northwest, at least for this past weekend, it was sunny and 45 degrees (f) outside!
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Training at Tradition Lake Loop and Tiger Mountain Trail in the Issaquah Alps

Sunday’s back to back training run called for a 10 mile strength run. It was still early-ish in the day, the sun was out, I needed to take my new Christmas present shoes – Hoka One One Stinson Trails – out for their maiden voyage, and the mountains were calling!
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Welcome to Trail to 50

Firsts are always daunting.

What do I say? (Not entirely sure.)
Is anyone going to read this? (Not entirely sure.)
Why? (This, I actually can answer.)

Encouraged by friends, with creative input from family, and inspired to record my experiences, this is an archive of what I’ve done, what I’m doing, and what I will do. The focus will be on moving forward – running, hiking or even walking. There will be event previews and recaps, training progress, and other related musings and material. Posts will be restrained when they should be and robust when the opportunity presents. The site will inevitably evolve, as all things do. 

It’s my Trail to 50 – states, miles, kilometers, events, ultras, hours, years…

So here we are and off we go.
Welcome to Trail to 50.