Sunflower Trail Marathon – Race Report

05/10/2014 – Sunflower Trail Marathon – Mazama, Washington
If you like fields full of sunflowers, blue skies, sun, and miles of trails, then you won’t like the Sunflower Trail Marathon in the Methow Valley of Washington State. Nope – you will LOVE it. With 2400 feet of easy vertical gain this typical Methow Valley race, much like others in the area, is slightly longer than posted. Bounding from the Methow Community Trailhead in Mazama, traversing across the valley floor and traipsing through glorious fields of sunflowers, the trail skirted long serene lakes, roamed the silhouette of Sun Mountain and finished 27 miles away in Twisp.

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Yakima Skyline Rim 50k – Race Report

04/20/2014 – Yakima Skyline Rim 50k – Yakima, Washington
What has 31 miles of distance, 9,500 vertical feet of elevation ascent, high fives, congratulations, and pizza and beer afterwards as a reward? That would not be me. Wait, what? What has 26.8 miles of distance, 8,450 vertical feet of elevation ascent, full body cramping, strangers and sweepers stopping to make sure you aren’t dead, an aided 2 hour rescue by truck, and a DNF? Oh right, now that would be me, other wise known to the Race Director and all the volunteers who helped get me off the mountain as Runner 411 or “did you see that guy who was laying on the ground in the fetal position?” or “I heard that runner was unconscious.”

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Gorge Waterfalls 50k – Race Report

03/29/2014 – Gorge Waterfalls 50k – Cascade Locks, Oregon
So this race was just another one of your every-weekend fairly rocky, rooty technical but at the same time soft singletrack 6000 foot vert point-to-point 50k run through ankle high streams, over snow patches, past stretches of moss covered everything, in sunshine, rain, hail, and wind and traipsing under, around, and  through 500 foot tall waterfalls through the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge in the Pacific Northwest.

The first event of the season is always a litmus test. Am I ready physically? Am I undertrained or overtrained? Am I ready mentally? Remember what this feels like? Have I finally figured out how to run long distances as pain free as possible? All great questions and in one ‘little’ run I’d have answers to all of them. Continue reading

12/31/2011 – Beavercreek Resolution Run 5k (OH)

Event recap from my memory of the run two years ago. I’m sure it’s completely accurate. How could it not be?

12/31/2011 – Beavercreek Resolution Run 5k – Beavercreek, Ohio
This is ‘the first run’. Actually, not my first run. There was a Homecoming 5k run at my college that I ran, but I remember only that I thought it was hilly (It wasn’t.) and trying to figure out how long exactly is 5k anyway (I now know that means 3.1 miles for those in the states.)

So I’m counting this as ‘the first run’.
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