Sun Mountain 25k – Race Report

05/17/2014 – Sun Mountain 25k – Mazama, Washington
A course with a little bit of everything including blue skies and wild flowers, the looped 25k race traversed through 2200 vertical feet of rolling summer trails on Sun Mountain in the beautiful Methow Valley. With climbs both runnable and literally breathtaking, mountain range vistas and meandering hillsides cascading into the valley, and hundreds of people scattered along the trail we finished where we started with pizza pies, cold tasty beverages, and stringing lively music by The Pine Hearts.

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Sunflower Trail Marathon – Race Report

05/10/2014 – Sunflower Trail Marathon – Mazama, Washington
If you like fields full of sunflowers, blue skies, sun, and miles of trails, then you won’t like the Sunflower Trail Marathon in the Methow Valley of Washington State. Nope – you will LOVE it. With 2400 feet of easy vertical gain this typical Methow Valley race, much like others in the area, is slightly longer than posted. Bounding from the Methow Community Trailhead in Mazama, traversing across the valley floor and traipsing through glorious fields of sunflowers, the trail skirted long serene lakes, roamed the silhouette of Sun Mountain and finished 27 miles away in Twisp.

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Cross-training at Jack’s Trail in Mazama

The long run that wasn’t. I knew this week and weekend’s running plans were going to be woefully undermet at best and more likely a complete lost (what? lost? me? Noooo…) cause. Not to be deterred or disappointed, with our trip to Mazama in the Methow Valley I knew there would be some kind of cross-training involving water – the soft, fluffy fun frozen kind. Snow, sun, and all things related to the two are everywhere ‘over the pass’ and we took advantage with a mid-day 2:22, and a whopping 285 feet of elevation cross-country ski session along Jack’s Trail in the Methow Valley.
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