Training Week: 02/13/17 – 02/19/17

02/13/2017 – 02/9/2017
In what was supposed to be a ‘down week’, I am probably far more sore I probably should be. Apparently that’s happens when you still try to cram in all the same amount of vertical gain in two-thirds the amount of distance. 10,000 feet a week is my goal, regardless of whether it’s an up week or a down week, which probably doesn’t make my down weeks, down. It also means I’m doing far more hiking than I did last year when I trained for Kettle Moraine. My legs are super sore and I have two marathons in two days in two states coming up this weekend. Perfect.

Questions to you:
• What’s the most amount of vertical feet of gain you have climbed in one week? In one day?
• What is the one must see inspiring running YouTube video that you would recommend?
• What is your local running shop?
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Training at Tiger Mountain Poo Poo Point

Tiger Mountain State Forest, established in 1981, sits squarely in the middle as the third “Mountain” in the line of the Issaquah Alps. Actually comprised of six separate peaks, the West Tiger #3 summit captures some of the highest foot traffic of all Washington trails. While logging once prevailed throughout the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the industry has since vanished, moving farther from the ever increasing population dense cities. Nature and trails have replaced the old logging routes served by the “Wooden Pacific” steam donkey engines which lowered tramcars full of felled trees upwards of 5000 feet down the mountain. These operations of the past are still present though as old remnants still dote the mountainside – the remains of an old train wreck, an abandoned bridge with grooves worn into the underside by the tramcar cables and a site on west side of the mountain named for the sound steam whistles would make, Poo Poo Point. This 12.5 mile, 4,450 feet of vert and 3 hours and 40 minutes of a convoluted route covered all those.
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