Training Week: 05/08/17 – 05/14/17

05/08/2017 – 05/14/2017
A big uptick in miles compared to last week I purposely tried to break up the runs into two a days if possible even if the runs were separated by only an hour or two. This kept me focused, the intensity higher (but shorter), and I felt the overall total weekly mileage felt not so crazy stupid. Sure, some people average 80+ miles weekly but I’m not one of those people.

Good start to the first week of the beginning of my last training block. Good start.
I see you Bighorn and I’m coming for you.

Questions to you:
• Do you incorporate two a days into your training cycle? How about three a days?
• Are tempo or speed sessions helpful in ultras or do they just invite potential injury?
• Are you an 80+ mile weekly average runner? How are you not constantly fatigued?
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Training at Squak Mountain

Squak Mountain sits in the Issaquah Alps squarely between Tiger Mountain to the east and Cougar Mountain to the west.  It makes up for being the smallest in area of the three with short steep trails that only turn to switchbacks to add a bit of distance to each trail. The afternoon sun poked through the trees on the south, while slight breaks west gave way to brief glimpses beyond and to the north, bustling sounds of human activity disrupted the peaceful quiet of the east. This looped 10.4 mile run soaked up 3100 feet of elevation gain starting on the south side Phils Trail and worked west and north before connecting to the Squak Mountain East Side Loop.
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