Squamish 50 mile – Race Report

08/16/2014 – Squamish 50M – Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
The race report in 32 short descriptions: Oceanfront start, railroad flat, headlamps on, sweaty humid, Garibaldi aid, still lakes, buttery trail, here we go, short and steep, bike rollers, technical downhill, Galactic Scheisse, fogged in vista, Word of Mouth, somehow still going downhill, Quest University, gnome tree, switchback uphills, hunting rabbits, sit-down on trail leg cramps, hydrate more, is that chafing?, run tentative, oh my, yes, that’s chafing, Mamquam Falls, only 10k left!, renewed energy, Mountain of Phlegm, stairs – seriously?, rock climbers, finally flat, downtown  finish! 50 miles. 11,000 feet of vert. The Squamish 50.

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