Training Week: 02/20/17 – 02/26/17

02/20/2017 – 02/26/2017
A big week (of over-eating BBQ) and a big weekend of races (state #11 – Texas and state #12 – Oklahoma), I powered through solo for the majority of it, avoiding injury and enjoyed running in new places on new trails with new people. It was long a long week full of big mileage and long drives and at the same time short with stops at multiple BBQ joints and never doing one thing for more than a few hours at a time. It was a good week and one that I’d do again, but maybe without that accident…

Questions to you:
• Have you ever run back to back races? How did you recover between races?
• Do you have any long term lifetime running goals?
• Do you like multiple looped, out and backs, or point to point courses the best?
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