When a Half Marathon Isn’t Really 13.1 Miles.

As with the last post, everything rehashed is completely true. Of course they are.

After the Beavercreek Resolution Run 5k, but before the next race.
Immediately after the Beavercreek Resolution Run 5k, we lingered around the gym, still on a runner’s high from just completing our ‘first 5k!’ We found the table full of fresh fruit and energy bars, stocked a few handfuls and did the slow shuffle through the crowd eerily similar to what I remember once doing at a high school dance quite possibly at that exact spot. As we reached the exit, I looked around one last time, sure I’d recognize someone, an old classmate or teacher maybe and sure enough there blocking our exit was an old soccer teammate. After catching up over a decade of life in 15 seconds, he planted the seed. It’s his story to tell, but what an inspiring story it was! Thank you very much Chris.
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