Zumbro Midnight 50 – Race Report

04/11/2015 – Zumbro Midnight 50 Mile – Zumbro River Bottoms Management Area, Thielman, Minnesota
Starting at midnight, this laid back, old school, low-key three loop course winds its way up and down the windIng, rugged, beautiful Mississippi River Valley Bluff Country trail. With never more than 300 feet of continuous climbs, Zumbro suckers you in, strings you through countless mud puddles, trips you with leaf covered rocks, and spits you back out through stretches of sand that somehow, of course, finds its way into your socks and shoes. Before you know it, you will have covered 7500 feet of vert, seen the sun rise, and have thanked more volunteers than you can count.

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2015 Zumbro “Midnight” 50 mile – Preview

The Zumbro “Midnight” 50 is my second event of the year and takes place this coming Friday night/Satuday morning (04/11/2015) in Southeastern Minnesota Bluff Country, about 2 hours south of Minneapolis. The looped course (three loops of 16.7 miles!) trail run is almost entirely in the Zumbro River Bottoms Management area within a portion of the Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood Forest with 9,294 feet of vert gain and hovering between 700-1,100 feet above sea level.

This is really a part of a bigger race weekend as I’m flying into St Louis on Thursday to meet up with a friend, we’re driving 8 hours north to Minnesota for the Zumbro “Midnight” 50 on Friday night/Saturday morning, hopefully finishing up the race around noon, driving 8 hours back to St Louis by Saturday night, (hopefully) running the Go! St Louis road Marathon on Sunday morning, then flying back to Seattle on Monday. Typing that out now seems a little crazy, but it’s all a part of my grand master plan for Mohican 100 in two months and Squamish 50m/50k weekend in four months.

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